1、Need to set up barrier-free facilities in accordance with the law.

(1)Vehicle:Barrier-free lifting equipment buses and low-floor buses

(2)Station:Obstacle-free Ramps and accessible restrooms.

2、Current and future situation

(1)Vehicle:There is at least one barrier-free bus on every route. (No need to deploy a barrier-free bus on route 8233)

(2)Station:We have obstacle-free Ramps and accessible restrooms in Pingtung Bus Station, Chaozhou Bus Station and Hengchun Bus Station.

3、Other regulations

We only take one or two wheelchairs in our barrier-free bus, but power wheelchairs are not included.


Regularly Practice

Our drivers regularly practice the operation of barrier-free equipment in order to give the passenger the best service.


Reservation Service

Barrier-free bus reservation service 『2 days before the departure date』

Route Shifts Telehpone website Work hours
【8202】Pingtung-Donggang(through Guangan、Neizhuang) 78 08-7237131
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【8212】Chaozhou-Wutan(through Taiwu) 2
【8240】Chaozhou-Neipu-Shuimen 2

No need to deploy barrier-free bus

Because of road condition, we can not deploy a barrier-free bus on route 8233.

Barrier-free bus shifts(Click here)