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Tour bus Unlike the ordinary bus, we have tour guides onboard the bus to take you through the trip.

Special Unlike any attraction, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Shen-Shan Tribe Travel Line takes you deep into the indigenous tribe to experience the local culture and enjoy the special traditions and customs.

Timetable Pingtung Bus Station Guchuan Bridge Lookout & Guchuan Tourist Information Center Shen-shan Tribe Village(Wutai Township Office) Wutai Tribe Village Rinari Tribe Village Pingtung Bus Staion
Arrival time - 10:20 10:50 12:35 15:50 17:40
Departure Time 09:20 10:35 12:30 15:00 16:50 -


Original Fare:NT$1,799 per person

Discounted Fare:

Tue. to Fri & Sun.:

 Full fare NT$899 per person

 Half fare NT$776 per person

 Under six years old NT$326 per person


Full fare NT$1099 per person

Half fare NT$976 per person

Under six years old NT$326 per person

(handicraft DIY activities)

Group size: The smallest group size for each tour is 5 people (not including children under six years old), if the minimum headcount is not met, our specialists will reach out to you regarding refund details 3 days before the tour. We will confirm the tour start time, meetup location, and other details 3 days in advance.

Fares include

     ◎There are full fare and half fare tickets
     ◎Applicable for half fare tickets

        ► Elders who are 65 years old or above
    (i)Elders with National ID Card/Elderly Card
 or(ii)Elders with ARC
► Physically challenged people with Disability Card and his/her necessary guardian or companion (Taiwanese citizens only)
► Children between 115cm and 150cm or children under 12 years old can purchase half-price tickets with valid IDs.
► Children below 115cm or children under 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are free of charge with valid IDs (Lunch and guided tour fees are not included), but we suggest that everyone get a seat in order to have a good travel experience.

     ◎The people who meet the above requirements must present their identifications in order to receive half fares. Those who do not meet the requirements must pay the full fare in order to board the bus.

     ◎Smart Card and Electronic Payment are NOT available on the bus.

* Professional guided tour fees

        ►This route has two tour guides, one who will be with us the entire journey and the other will be a professional guide of the tribes and will give a detailed tour at Shen-Shan Tribe Village and Wutai Tribe Village.
► For children under 6 years old, guided tour fees are not included.

* Lunch (mainly meat diet, if you are a vegetarian, please specify this detail in the special needs section during the booking process)

        ► For children under 6 years old, meals are not included. If you demand for meal, please contact with our ticket and customer Service hotline.


        ► For children under 6 years old, indigenous handicraft DIY activites are not included.

Fares do not include

* Any expense not listed above

Important Information

The smallest group size for each tour is 5 people, the latest to make a reservation is 5 days before the tour date. (Vehicle maintenance is scheduled on Mondays, so no service will be provided)
◎Example, for a tour scheduled on August 6, reservation and payment must be made along with the card payment confirmation email received before 23:59 on August 1.

※All vehicles are insured with compulsory liability insurance of 2 million dollars, third-party insurance of 2 million dollars, and in-car passenger insurance of 1.5 million dollars.
※For payments made with credit cards, credit card travel insurance will be offered. Please refer to the notice of the issuing banks for different card and insurance details.


Guchuan Bridge Lookout & Guchuan Tourist Information Center(stay 15 minutes)

Typhoon Morakot destroyed the bridge of Wutai, in order for the inhabitants to be able to return home, the Guchuan Bridge was repaired, making it the bridge with the highest altitude in Taiwan.

Lookouts and memorials are built on the sides of the bridge, overlooking the panoramic view of the North Ailiao River. Looking down from the Wutai Mountain, the curving bridge resembles the hundred-pace snake guarding the entrance of the tribe.

Shen-Shan Tribe Village(stay 100 minutes)

Traditional stone slate houses are preserved in the tribe and images of the hundred-pace snake, lily flower, and potteries can be seen everywhere. This demonstrates how much the locals value the traditional culture.

While you enjoy the natural scenic views, you can also experience the charisma of the local delicacies by tasting snacks such as aiyu jelly and millet doughnuts.

Wutai Tribe Village(stay 145 minutes)

This is the administrative region with the highest altitude in Pingtung County with the complete Rukai Tribe culture. Every house and tile in the tribe represents not only the craftsmanship and lifestyle of the Rukai people but also their culture. Entering Wutai makes you feel like you are entering a museum which is coming to life. Artistic totems of the Rukai tribe can be seen everywhere, these totems are great storytellers of the tales of the tribe.

Rinari Tribe Village(stay 60 minutes)

RINARI means “Let’s go! The place where we are all headed” in the Paiwan dialect. This place consists of people from Majia, Paridrayan, Kucapungane after Typhoon Morakot. These people moved to this blessed Land of Canaan after the typhoon. The majestic view of the surrounding mountains and the stunning scenery of the Pingbei Plain turns this place into a fascinating paradise.

Transfer Information

▲The above methods are suggestions only. We are not liable in the case that the trains are delayed or if you miss them by any chance. Please arrive at the stations in advance to ensure a smooth journey.

Where to buy

  1. Please go to the website:https://www.fun2tw.com/
  2. Please fill out the registration form and provide your basic information such as name, date of birth, ID card number, entry permit number, passport number, contact number, and a way of reaching you such as an email address or WeChat contact.
  3. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please use this email to chech-in at the PT Bus counter located in Pingtung Bus Station. The people who meet the above requirements must present their identifications in order to receive half fares. Those who do not meet the requirements must pay the full fare in order to board the bus.


This is a hop-on, hop-off bus so please make sure to show up at your desired stop based on the timetable below. Passengers who are late or no-shows will not be accepted and refunds will not be possible.

Timetable Pingtung Bus Station Guchuan Bridge Lookout & Guchuan Tourist Information Center Shen-shan Tribe Village(Wutai Township Office) Wutai Tribe Village Rinari Tribe Village Pingtung Bus Staion
Arrival time - 10:20 10:50 12:35 15:50 17:40
Departure Time 09:20 10:35 12:30 15:00 16:50 -
  1. On the day of the tour, please arrive at the PT Bus counter at Pingtung Bus Station 10-20 minutes before the departure time. Please have your booking confirmation email ready in order to receive your bus ticket and meal vouchers.
  2. The tickets will only be provided on the day of the tour, not in advance.
  3. With your bus tickets of the day, please wait at Platform 5 of Pingtung Bus Station before the departure time (09:20am).
  4. The stops of this travel line include Guchuan Bridge, Shen-Shan Tribe Village, Wutai Tribe Village, Rinari Tribe Village. Every time you hop off the bus, please show your bus tickets to hop back on.
  5. Bording notices:
    • Boarding rule: Due to COVID-19, please wear face masks while onboard public transportations such as the TRA, THSR, MRT, or buses.
    • After inspection performed by the Highway Bureau, this travel line is unable to offer barrier-free buses due to road limitations of the Wutai area
    • Bicycle-related rules: Due to the lack of luggage space on the bus, no bicycles are allowed onboard.
    • Pet-related rules: No pets are allowed onboard with the exception of seeing-eye dogs for visually-impaired travelers
    • Due to the limited space on the bus, no wheelchairs, strollers, or large luggage are allowed onboard. You may leave them at the PT Bus counter.
    • The tour will be performed on foot, most of the routes contain uphill and stairs, please participate at your own discretion.
    • The temperature can change drastically in the mountainous areas, please bring sun care products such as hats and sunscreen as well as rain gear such as raincoats and umbrellas.
    • This travel line goes through mountainous areas, please prepare pills for motion sickness if necessary.
    • This travel line goes through mountainous areas, please do not use your phone for long periods of time to prevent motion sickness.
    • Since there are mosquitos and other insects in the mountains, you may prepare insect repellents with you.
  6. After completing the booking, please call our service hotline in advance if you decide to cancel. Cancellation policy is as follows:
    1. Cancellation before 15:00, 10 days before the tour – 10% cancellation fee
    2. Cancellation after 15:00, 10 days before the tour – 30% cancellation fee
    3. Cancellation before 15:00, 1 day before the tour – 50% cancellation fee
    4. Cancellation on the day of the tour – 100% cancellation fee
  7. No cancellation fee will be charged in the following event due to force majeure:
    1. Land warnings for typhoon announced by the Central Weather Bureau
    2. Earthquakes
    3. No traffic allowed due to collapsed roads on the way
    4. Extremely heavy rain in Wutai Township announced by the Central Weather Bureau. (see their website for details)
  8. COVID-19 related regulations
    • Based on “COVID-19 prevention measures for vehicle transportation services – announced by the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC and the CECC”
    1. All passengers need to go through temperature screening before boarding, if a fever is detected, the passenger will need to rest for a few minutes before a second screening
    2. If a fever (forehead temperature over 37.5℃ or ear temperature over 38℃) is still detected after a second screening, a ticket cancellation will be performed. The passenger will then be instructed to return home and seek medical assistance, while avoiding to take any public transportation.
  9. Please complete the payment before the deadline, if the confirmation email is not received after the payment is made, please call our service hotline.
  10. If you wish the change the attendance list, please call our service hotline before 15:00 one day before the tour at the latest, no changes are accepted after the deadline.
  11. Please check with our customer support team for other payment methods.
  12. The company reserves the right to make changes.

For any queries, please contact us.

Work hours: Mon. to Fri. 08:00-17:00 (no service on public holidays)

Service Hotline: 08-7237131#253 or 08-7221292 

Email: fun2taiwan@gmail.com

LINE Official ID: @qez4108z (please leave a message during non-work hours) Online 1 on 1 support.


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