We are local compay in Pingtung over 70 years

and we are the main bus service provider. 

  • The main service include public transportation services such as highway bus and urban bus.
  • We carry out large transportation project in southern of Taiwan.
  • We have tour bus and travel agency for sightseeing and accommodation business.

Our scope of operations

The main business scope of Pingtung Group is in central (Nantou) and southern (Kaohsiung and Pingtung) Taiwan.

Central Taiwan 

Nan Tou Bus Co., Ltd. is responsible for Taiwan tourist shuttle of Sun Moon Lake Route and Xitou Route. Qingjing travel agency provide travel service in central Taiwan.


Southern Taiwan Bus Co., Ltd. is responsible for urban bus in Kaohsiung.


The headquarter of Pingtung Bus Co., responsible for highway bus, urban bus in Pingtung, and tour bus around Taiwan. Pingtung Travel Service Co., Ltd is the Taiwan Tour Bus chartered corporation in Kenting and also provide travel service in southern Taiwan